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Award winning short film ¿EXISTES? (Do you exist?) made its appearance in the 2nd edition of LAKINO BERLIN as part of the “Best of Lakino” showcase. ¿EXISTES? was produced in 2009, and even though it portrays 6 different scenarios in different cities around the world, it was all shot in a single apartment in L.A.’s K-town.

This sophomore film produced by the Suripanta Pictures team: writer/director David Rodriguez Estrada and producers Edward E. Cohen, Lorenia Rangel, and Gisele Fortuna, examines the existentialist philosophies of six human beings in different parts of the world, which are linked through the collective act of masturbation.

Following six diverse personalities from a white woman in Los Angeles questioning her physical appearance, to a Persian woman seeking freedom in a man’s world, to a Mexican Catholic who questions the reality of God, ¿Existes? intertwines each of their distinct philosophies as they reach a collective climax that will put their existentialist questions on a different perspective.

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