David Rodríguez Estrada

David4webDavid Rodríguez Estrada

Writer/ Director / Producer

David is a filmmaker based in Los Angeles, CA. He grew up in Durango, Mexico, and moved to California at age 17. He attended film school at the Art Institute of Los Angeles. His 2 award-winning student short films “¿Existes?” and “Suripanta” have screened in international film festivals at Berlin, Toronto, Palm Spings, Brasilia, Mexico city, San Francisco, etc. His main focus is to create original, thought provoking, modern material.

“Metástasis”, David’s 3rd short film, premiered at the 5th Mexican Film festival of Durango and was presented at the Cannes Short Film Corner; it follows a group of young friends that carry out a kidnapping in Durango, Mexico, with fatal consequences.

“A Force of Nature” is David’s new project, an experimental dance short film set in the Sequoia Forest. The story is about self discovery, true love and about being able to let go of that what holds you back. Reynaldo Pacheco and Lucas Bane star in this film with no dialogue and features the beautiful photography of cinematographer Carmen Cabana.

David is currently developing his first feature script “Trip”: Three young Americans embark on a road trip to Oaxaca, Mexico, with hopes of finding enlightenment and redemption in the legendary, hallucinogenic mushrooms of Shaman Maria Sabina. Their journey takes an exciting but dangerous turn when they befriend a mysterious Mexican girl whose hidden past catches up with them. .


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