An experimental dance film about self discovery and first love.


A brokenhearted young man overcome with grief over the ending of his relationship goes on a healing journey of self-discovery to the Sequoia National Forest and finds himself haunted by the memories of his first love through an interpretive dance sequence. Ultimately learning forgiveness and self acceptance.

A Force of Nature (2017)

A short film by David Rodríguez Estrada

Starring: Reynaldo Pacheco & Lucas Bane

Written & Directed by David Rodríguez Estrada

Cinematography by Carmen Cabana

Produced by David Rodríguez Estrada, Edward Enriquez-Cohen

Co-producers: Reynaldo Pacheco, Kyle Martin Greer

Associate Producers: David Devora, Lucas Bane, Sirach Fortuna, J.M. Longoria

Original score by Becky Gebhardt

Sound Design by Kimberly Katiti

Choreography by Eliana Alexander

Assistant Choreographer: Kimberly Aboltin

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