CM Films presents

El Tesoro

Drama • 21 minutes • Spanish • Mexico/USA • 2023


Taking on an unexpected mission, Clemencia, a grieving but determined mother, poses as a clairvoyant to help a stranger discover a mysterious buried treasure in the gardens of a house belonging to a corrupt Mexican politician.


Clemencia, played by the incomparable Academy Award-nominated Mexican actress Adriana Barraza (Babel, 2006),is not your typical hero: a humble Christian evangelist woman whose terminally ill son makes his death bed confession of the many murders he committed and shares a notebook with the names of all those he buried in clandestine graves. 

Upon his passing, her mission is clear: She must bring solace to the families of the missing ones by finding their remains. But how will she accomplish this mission that raises so many questions? Clemencia will lead these families on a journey, under false pretense that she knows where a valuable treasure is buried.