Las Palomas, a short documentary about being a transvestite

Back in 2007, after producing Suripanta, a short about prostitutes and transvestites, I decided to experiment with my camera and real transvestites. My friend/ sound mixer Yesenia Galván and I entered the documentary world. We followed these characters with a Panasonic DVX and a boom mic, as they lived their lives and expressed themselves in sin city, Las Vegas.


The story focuses on 4 men involved in the show biz of glamorous male-to-female performers, a.k.a. drag queens.

Paloma (Marco)

Paloma (or Marco) shares his own story of struggle, he went from being a conventional undocumented immigrant from Michoacán, México, to a glamorous queen diva that gives it all on a stage.


Gia is a transvestite that recently acquired breast implants, she’s on her way of becoming a transgender female, she shares with us her love story with a “straight” man from Guadalajara.

The stories intertwine as we learn more about their relationships, cultural and social backgrounds, dreams and goals.

I think these are valuable and accurate testimonies of what means to them to be part of a Latino LGBT community in a country far from their own.

Paloma (Marco)

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